anita-workingWelcome to my exciting adventure as a full-time artist.  My artistic interests brought me so much joy as a child and I wanted to experience that extraordinary feeling again… I am now painting/creating original works daily and offering them for sale on my etsy site  I seek to grow in my creative endeavors and improve my artwork through continuous study and practice so the pieces I make available to everyone are a reflection of who I am and the quality I would want to provide.   My intention is to evoke some positive emotion, trigger a memory or otherwise leave an impact for others, as well.

I attended the University of Oklahoma as an art major and studied with the exceptional talent on staff in the 60s.  Though I was unable to continue my watercolor painting during the years I was raising children, I always kept myself busy drawing/sketching with pencils, charcoal, and pastels anytime I could spare an extra minute or two. I am excited about returning to my first love of painting but I have not given up the tools that I used in those interim years, but have instead learned various techniques for those tools so that I can provide even more rich visual images to share.

Please leave a review or offer your insights into the art you see here so I might be further enriched by your vision, as well.  I’m hoping you enjoy what you see.